Creating an animated series is serious work! There is an informal development plan currently being introduced, and the studio will likely follow those steps in the coming months. Here is the tentative schedule:

  1. Finish COC Show bible
  2. Write COC Arc 1: Euski
  3. Write COC Arc 2: Xaber
  4. Write COC Arc 3: Askavern
  5. Write COC Arc 4: Earth
  6. Script pilot episode
  7. Character design and visual development
  8. Team Onboarding
  9. Crowdfunding
  10. TBA

Currently, the show bible is nearly complete! Unfortunately I will not be able to share details of the series until it is officially announced, but I will provide as much information as I can about the stages of development, how you can support or join the project, and the heart of the story I believe will revolutionize the animation landscape. If that interests you, please subscribe to the Cheyfi channel, where I'll talk more about the development process, and check in to the update page periodically to find out what's happening. You may even have the opportunity to influence the story!