Welcome! You may be here after hearing about A World Beyond through Cheyfi, or maybe you read about the pilot and development and decided that you wanted to help contribute to this project. Either way, thank you so much for stopping by! In this post, we'll talk about crowdfunding, donations, gifts for financial backers, and joining the studio.


We are considering doing a Kickstarter or Patreon campaign to raise money for the project. The goal is to create a pilot for proof of concept, proof of interest, and pitching. The first episode would be posted on YouTube, and if it does well, the entire series will be pitched to networks, studios, and streaming services. However, the talent involved in creating the pilot (artists, animators, voice actors, sound designers, etc.) is massive, so the crowdfunding would help immensely in hiring and paying these team members. 

Additionally, there are many unique aspects of A World Beyond (which will be discussed in future updates) that make it special. We would want to communicate how grateful we are to those who see the vision, and want to support it through contributing, joining, funding, or even just watching the pilot when it premieres. For those who donate or purchase affiliated products we are considering gifts to show our gratitude.


As the show is developed, there will be many opportunities to support the show through affiliated products, patreon tiers, or donations. For those who financially back the production, we will most likely be providing gifts. 

At that time, we will speak to the audience, both on the site and through Cheyfi, about what sort of goodies they would like! Posters, sneak peeks, personalized gifts, collectibles, and more are all on the table! 

Stay tuned for more information on supporting this project! Visit the site often, and subscribe to Cheyfi!